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Save hours and hours - and money, too..! Meeting Butler is our concierge service and is available to all our customers whenever they could do with a helping hand - when they're busy or when they're planning a meeting in an area where they are unfamiliar with the available meeting venues.

Meeting Butler is also a way of using the full range of benefits without the need for lengthy implementations: It could not be easier:

  • Pick up the phone or
  • Drop us a straight email and tell us what you're looking for, or
  • User the Request Form on the system

Once we know what you're looking for, we'll build the request for you, we'll search for the relevant venues taking your policies into account and invite them to provide you with proposals for your meeting. We will quality check the proposals and where relevant/possible, we will negotiate the rates/terms on your behalf and when we have 3-4 good proposals ready, we will deliver them to you - almost on a silver plate.

Meeting planners save lots and lots of hours, in particular during periods where supply is low (congress periods and the like)

It's not free of charge, but take a moment to read this:

Since the launch of this service, we have managed to negotiate net savings that equals two and a half time the total cost of using the platform with its full range of facilities. And mind you: These savings are on top of any contracted savings. In collaboration with one of our largest customers, we have have built a business case that describes it all - from the early considerations through to recording the savings on the books - and taking meeting planners comments into account, too. You can read it right here.

Meeting Butler

Save hours and hours - and money, too..! Meeting Butler is our concierge service and is available to…

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